The work

At Can Bas there isn’t a single day of the year when we sit idle. Our hands are our capital, our primary tool. With our hands we work, we think, we decide…

Here at Can Bas we don’t believe that wine-growing and wine-making are exact sciences. Instead, we see them as a practice guided by intuition, experience, sacrifice, perseverance, obstinacy, common sense and a desire to innovate driven by curiosity. All of them sustained by the work we do with our own hands, both in the vineyards and in the winery.

At Can Bas we do all we can to adapt the calendar of jobs in the vineyard to the needs of each plot and each individual vine, in line with a scrupulous set of good practices. And in wine-making we’re even more meticulous. Work in the winery calls for all our care and attention.

For Can Bas, offering you our wines – whether you come here to visit us or whether you’ve chosen to buy them – is always a privilege and a responsibility.