Cabernet Sauvignon



The profound respect we at Can Bas feel for farmers has led us to name one of our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards after the dynasty of farmers who farmed this piece of land for over a century after the phylloxera epidemic. Their attitude set an example for us.

The Monreal plot has clayey soil overlying limestone. It is poor in organic matter, well drained and suitable for the vines to put down deep roots. Nothing makes it more special, however, than the care and attention lavished on it day after day by the people who have worked on it for decades. Over time, their attitude has imprinted itself on the vineyard.

The result is a wine that combines strength with complexity and character. It is a Cabernet Sauvignon that is the expression of its historic essence. It shows the character of its terroir and the authentic nature of Man’s attitude towards it. No colour, smell or taste can convey this kind of nobility.

Monreal is ideal with meat dishes and stews. It goes well with smoked items and aged cheese, with duck and with truffle dishes… but above all it’s a wine that inspires an attitude to life. Perfect to begin a special day.

Recommend serving between 16 and 17ºC

Technical Sheets Monreal 2014 (Download pdf)

Technical Sheets Monreal 2013 (Download pdf)

Technical Sheets Monreal 2012 (Download pdf)