La Romana

Chardonnay y xarel·lo


The Xarel·lo grapes we use to make La Romana come from old vines with a low yield that are demanding to nurture. A vineyard that owes its name to the Roman remains found here: the Via Augusta and the luxurious villa that grew up at the time of the Empire. A vineyard, La Romana, that today is the birthplace and the name of a very special terroir-based wine.

Perhaps more than any other, La Romana white wine reflects how we think and make our wines at Can Bas: history, terroir, respect, modernity, excellence…

La Romana isn’t a standard wine. It isn’t a wine that can be repeated every year. Its personality always comes from the Xarel·lo harvested from this vineyard, scattered with Roman remains. But this doesn’t mean we can’t twin it with some of the other white varieties here at Can Bas. In 2013, the harvest of Chardonnay grapes from the slopes of El Serral was of exceptional quality. Consequently, the wine we made from them enriches and adds complexity in a blend with the Xarel·lo from La Romana.

The result is a creamy, intense, lingering, noble and interesting white.

Visually it is a clear, warm yellow colour, without ostentation. In the nose a perfect combination of grapey fruitiness and traces of oak can be discerned. On the palate it is surprising: while the entrance is light, with a pleasant texture and consistent aromas, the long finish is quite memorable.

La Romana is a good match with oysters, shellfish and oily fish, and goes very well with traditional festive meals.

Recommended serving at between 12 and 14ºC

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