At Can Bas we express ourselves in a style that is both honest and modern, these values go to the very core of our essence. We create excellence from the roots of the earth, combined with our  deep knowledge and experience.

At Can Bas we unleash the most sublime potential, conserved in memory by the creation of authentic terroir wines.

The winery

Can Bas is a place where vines have been cultivated for more than two thousand years; a settlement inhabited since ancient times; an ancestral home created from an old farmhouse; an area of agricultural production dedicated without interruption to viticulture.

Can Bas is a winery where we produce wines uniquely from the vines grown on our estate, quite an achievement considering that this estate has been a winery from its early origins.

Can Bas is a property, a piece of land, history, a cultural hub, the result of dreams, effort, knowledge, experience and hard work. It’s a reference point in the geographical region of the Penedès and also a site of interest for tourism and wine tourism.

Can Bas is a place and an idea; perhaps also a passion. It’s a way of making wine, a landscape and a people.

All this is what makes the winery Can Bas.

Our values

At Can Bas we consider that working the vineyard and the wine is both a privilege and a responsiblity. At Can Bas we are privileged to be able to work at what we love doing; privileged to create a wine that is the unique expression of the qualities of the earth that we care for; to be custodians of the past, of a heritage and a landscape; to live in an area which is balanced in both a natural and man-made sense; and to contribute to expanding people’s knowledge of grapegrowing and winemaking. At Can Bas each day we are charged with thinking afresh how we can improve  the work we do. It is our duty to develop the land, the estate, the company; to listen to the grape-growers, the winemakers and all the people that are part of our team; and above all to serve the customer. It is also our duty to conserve the environment and to act in accordance with the codes of best practice and criteria for environmental sustainability. At Can Bas our objective is to create honest wines, imbued with great natural and human qualities for everyone to enjoy in the full.

The brand

The name Can Bas today refers to the brand name of our wines and the wine estate dating back to the year 1668. In Catalonia, it’s traditional to call country houses – both large and small – after the name of the owner, preceded by the word ‘Can’, which means ‘the house of’. Therefore the name Can Bas means the house of Mr. Bas. Although the estate and agricultural production has been in existence since the Middle Ages, it was Pere Bas, who, in 1668 gave it the name which it carries to the present day. To pay homage to this, the CAN BAS logo uses a typographical Roman font in capital letters; classic, elegant and with the text framed by a rectangle surrounded by baroque-inspired scrolls. marca-petit In honour of the ancient and medieval origins of the wine estate, the Can Bas brand is also distinguished by its logomark. This is a Greek cross, framed by a rhomboid figure with curved scroll-like edges, very unusual in our region. This cross crowns the belfry of Sant Joan Salerm, the Romanesque church on the Can Bas estate, which has witnessed the creation of the house, vineyards and crops. The cross is the symbol of our house and testimony to its history and evolution. The cross represents the point where the earth, weather, humans, vineyards and wine come together. marca-petit-2 Finally, as a tribute to the Mediterranean roots of the Can Bas wine estate and an expression of what it stands for, the Can Bas brand corporate colour is blue. A deep blue, warm, peaceful, bright and vibrant; a symbol of confidence and sincerity. A blue that is a metaphor for the times and our mindset. The blue honours all those who have made it possible for Can Bas to continue being Can Bas.