Here’s your food, here’s your drink, Also some thoughts, if you care to think. Welcome to everything [...] Welcome at any rate. Joseph Brodsky, Song of Welcome Joseph Brodsky, Poem of welcome

At Can Bas we offer a wide range of wine tourism services for individuals, groups and businesses. We have outstanding facilities for business meetings, presentations and working sessions. We've prepared different kinds of visits to suit our clients' tastes, schedules and priorities. We organise guided tasting sessions, tailored tasting sessions and food matching workshops featuring our wines and fine local produce.

At Can Bas we like it when you visit us. We want to share all the power and genius of the place with you. We like to know what you feel when you savour our wines close to their roots, their land and their people. And nothing pleases us more than when we see this reflected in you.

Come and visit us - it'll be a pleasure.



At Can Bas we offer:

  • Environment, landscape and history
  • Specially cared for areas
  • Visits for individuals, groups and companies
  • Personalised visits
  • Tastings and combinations on demand
  • Hiring of rooms for business meetings, presentations, work sessions and other activities
  • Direct sale of Can Bas wines

Additional services:

  • Order by post, email or telephone for home delivery of our wines
  • On-line shop
  • Bookings for taxi/bus, restaurants, accommodation and tourist and cultural activities.