La Capella

Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon


LA CAPELLA (The chapel in Catalan) is named after an old Cabernet Sauvignon vine planted in Can Bas over twenty years ago. This vine extends around the medieval chapel of San Juan Salerm, which gives it its name.

La Capella is a wine with a dense, medium robe, in a bright cherry colour with gold and pomegranate glints and the bluish spark that comes from the skin of the Syrah grapes. The nose is dominated by fruity aromas; filled with the fierceness of freshly-picked Cabernet and Syrah, it also reveals a tapestry of aromas woven with vanilla, coffee, spices and cedar.

On the palate one can discern a balance between crispness and acidity, delicacy and strength, all wrapped in a velvety texture.

La Capella is a harmonious wine, with a long finish… Providential.

A perfect match for roast muscovy duck, Penedès chicken and beef tournedos.

Recommended serving temperature 16 to 17ºC.

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