XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries


A wedding


Today in the big house there is great excitement. The busy servants are preparing a feast with the good and the best that is harvested and cooked at the house: fresh rye bread, fresh vegetables, fine cooked meats, caramelized apples and oranges. All of which is accompanied with the best estate wines. Today, the heiress is marrying Pere Bas. The surname of the husband re-names the estate. After the wedding the married couple lives at Can Bas and their descendents will all be from Can Bas.


Brandy and expansion of the vine


Harvest is approaching, in fact it is just around the corner, and everything must be ready. The young farm hands of Can Bas know that the master of the house is extremely scrupulous. He requires that all the tools, tanks, casks and harvesting vessels be very clean; above all else every year he orders the boards of the wine presses to be renewed because at the time of pressing the grapes, the juices should fall into the tank without any rubbish. He is right; all the effort of a year could go to waste if the wine were to be lost due to a lack of hygiene.

At Can Bas wine is not only produced for family consumption; a great deal more is produced which is sold. Part of the earnings of the year has been invested in restoring the church of Sant Joan Salern which has become very well known. Furthermore, since brandy has become a product for export to Northern Europe, the master has decided to plant vines where before wheat was grown.


The golden age


Since it was possible to export wine to America, vines in the Penedès have spread like an oil spill and they now cover the mountains and low lands. Now, at Can Bas, nearly all the land is dedicated to the vine. The price of wine continues to increase and for this reason, the current owners have considerably expanded the wine estate; they have invested in the construction of new pressing tanks and have expanded the cellar. Can Bas has become a very large property and its name has become a mandatory reference of the region. Can Bas is Can Bas.