The legacy

At Can Bas we like to have our feet firmly on the ground. We know that countless generations before us have handed down their knowledge of the vine.

Men and women have been domesticating the wine for nearly 8,000 years. Through observation, experiment and hard work, they have transformed a wild species – vitis silvestrii – into the much appreciated fruiting plant known as vitis vinifera.

In time, we learned how to look after the vines. We trained them on trellises to stop them from creeping along the ground; we thought about how best to distribute them across the land; we planted them to grow according to the method most suited to them; we thought about how best to prune them so that they would produce healthier, better grapes; and we also learned that by grafting them onto American rootstock we could avoid phylloxera and have the right grape variety for each vineyard… All this goes hand in hand with constant work on the land, care taken to avoid diseases and ongoing improvements in the way we make and age our wines.

Here at Can Bas we recognise that the wine-growing landscape that surrounds us today is the legacy of the people who came before us. From them we’ve learnt ways of doing things, but also a way of being. We’ve learnt to care for the land and work the vines with the respect and love they deserve.