The vines

Here in Can Bas, the vines have been grown continously for over a thousand years. A document dating from the end of the 10th Century proves that vineyards adjacent to the church of Sant Joan Salerm – on the Can Bas estate – were traded between the medieval Catalan nobility. However there is evidence to show that in Roman and even Iberian times the cultivation of vines on our estate dates back many more centuries still.

At Can Bas, Today, the wine estate of Can Bas comprises 60.5 hectares of vineyards, which extend from the plain near the farm, the spring at Can Bas, the hillside of Les Tarumbes, the valley of the river Bribons to the sunny slopes of Basset hill, as well as the vineyards on the coast at Serral in the municipal district of Sant Saturni d’Anoia.


It is understood at Can Bas each plot is unique and each vineyard retains its own personality. As a result the work and the way in which we treat each plot is different. We have vines centuries-old that produce very few grapes and yet are of magnificent quality; young vines that bring a lightness and freshness to the wines we create; mature 30 year old vines that give a serene and mature character to the wines that we age.

Given the diversity in location and aspect of the plots, the differences in soil, altitude, topgraphy and the range of micro-climates, we are able to cultivate at Can Blas a variety of both native and foreign grapes, white and red, and adapt each variety to the conditions of the terroir that are most favourable to them.