In vino veritas
(Truth is in the wine)
— Pliny
De tal cep, tal vi. Popular saying in the Mediterranean region, which can be roughly translated as, "The vine makes the wine." Popular saying in the Mediterranean area

At Can Bas, the wines we make are honest and genuine; they bear witness to all that has happened here over the four seasons.

At Can Bas, we are not interested in repeating the same wine year after year, or using techniques in the winery to turn it into an exact copy. Every bottle that comes out of our winery reflects the character of the estate and the weather and environmental conditions of the year.

At Can Bas we work day after day to make wines that above all express the essence of the grapes that grow on our vines and the spirit we have infused in them.

Estate wines

Vins de Finca (or officially recognised Single-Vineyard Wines)

The wines of Can Bas Domini Vinícola will soon be undergoing a process of certification as Vins de Finca or Single-Vineyard Wines.

A Vi de Finca (Single-Vineyard Wine) within a designation of origin is understood to mean that it has been made in a certain place, within an area smaller than a municipality and with characteristics of its own. It is this name, which is known to be linked to vineyards from which wines of special quality features are made. The estate must be mapped out in accordance with a prior report by the relevant regulatory council.

Government of Catalonia. LAW 15/2002 of 27th June 2002, governing wine-growing.